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Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is a true jewel of northern Sardinia, which wild landscapes make ancient stories about sea adventures coming to mind – you think of Argonauts chasing the Golden Fleece or Odysseus hardful journey back home. But don’t think that this country has remained uninhabited since those times: today there are numerous hotels of different host standards in Golfo Aranci, which welcome the town’s guests.

Snow-white beach strip and lukewarm tender sea of azure blue tone entice you to stay here longer. No wonder the town is regarded as fashionable resort since 1960s. This was facilitated by its nearness to Costa Smeralda and that fact there are 24 beaches for every taste.

Getting to Golfo Aranci is easy, as for there are but 20-30 km of distance between the town and Olbia’s airport. The first fishermen’ huts appeared there only in 1900s, when local inhabitants have discovered how rich of fish and other sea foods the seashore was. Initially the settlement’s name was Golfo dei Granchi (Gulf of crabs). There is a beautiful legend about its later name Golfo Aranci (Gulf of oranges), according to which the herdsmen pastured once their sheeps on mountain range Monte Ultana and noticed the waters of gulf had been covered with something looking as bright orange cover. It has appeared that these were oranges floating on the water, which had come there from a crashed ship. In such a way this tasteful name has stuck to the town.

The settlement itself impresses with beautiful pavements, on which different patterns are made with colored chips (a giant fish, for instance), quiet courtyards with mysterious ancient wells and futuristic San-Giuseppe church designed by Andrea Cascella. On one of the church’s wall has appeared a dark stain, which reportedly resembles a silhouette of local priest padre Pio.

One of Golfo Aranci’s uncommon places of interest is underwater museum of contemporary art Mumart. It was designed right on the one of the city beaches, where are dived to a depth of 7 meter the artworks of more than 10 contemporary artists, who create a special surreal, magic universe. You can even take a dive in it, having rented some scuba diving equipment or a small underwater submarine.

Basic facts

Province of: Olbia-Tempio

Geographiclocation: north-easterncoastofSardinia, 31 km to Porto Cervo, 14,5 km to Olbia, 13 km to Porto Rondo, 53 km to La Maddalena

Number of inhabitants: 2206 people

Public holidays and popular events

March 19: holiday of Saint Joseph, saint patron of the city, where various sausages are traditionally tasted.

June 20: San-Silverio is a holiday, when a whole fleet of boats goes out to sea.

August 15: Ferragosto (Assumption of Mary), which includes 3 days and nights of global celebration, and so a Fish festival, when hundreds of fishes, caught by local inhabitants are fried on the streets.


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