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Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is a true jewel of northern Sardinia, which wild landscapes make ancient stories about sea adventures coming to mind – you think of Argonauts chasing the Golden Fleece or Odysseus hardful journey back home. But don’t think that this country has remained uninhabited since those times: today there are numerous hotels of different host standards in Golfo Aranci, which welcome the town’s guests. Snow-white beach strip and lukewarm tender sea of azure blue tone entice you to stay here longer.

Basic facts

PROVINCE OF Olbia-Tempio
GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION North-easterncoastofSardinia, 31 km to Porto Cervo, 14,5 km to Olbia, 13 km to Porto Rondo, 53 km to La Maddalena

Public holidays and popular events

  • March 19

    Holiday of Saint Joseph, saint patron of the city, where various sausages are traditionally tasted

  • June 20

    San-Silverio is a holiday, when a whole fleet of boats goes out to sea

  • August 15

    Ferragosto (Assumption of Mary), which includes 3 days and nights of global celebration, and so a Fish festival, when hundreds of fishes, caught by local inhabitants are fried on the streets

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  • Spiaggia di Figarolo
  • Cala Moresca, Cala Sabina
  • Spiaggia Bianca, Cala Sassari
  • Spiaggia di Marinella
  • Baia Caddinas
  • Prima Spiaggia
  • Terza Spiaggia
  • Sos Aranzos
  • Nodu Pianu
  • Baia De Bahas
  • Quinta Spiaggia
  • Spiaggia dei Baracconi
  • Cala Banana
  • Cala del Sonno
  • Quarta Spiaggia
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