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Olbia is a modern gate to touristic paradise of Sardinia. Thanks to sheikh Aga Khan the island has reached prosperity and the world discovered beauty of its beaches, mountains, sea, ancient cities, forests and valleys.

Olbia nowadays is the biggest city in the northeast of the island, it has a modern airport, sea port, comfortable hotels, restaurants, villas, boutiques. Modern stylish city exists along with ancient city of temples, museums and monuments. The city’s most recognizable feature is San Paolo temple decorated with polychrome and very beautiful dome, made of majolica. In Olbia’s bay there are plantation of mussels and oysters, known in all Italy. That’s why lunches and dinners here will be especially delicious and interesting.

Next to Olbia are located wonderful beaches amidst luxuriant Mediterranean plants and sheer cliffs. Olbia donates an opportunity to touch Sardinia salted with all sea winds, inhale its honey scent and hear the silence inside yourself.

Basic facts

Province of: Olbia-Tempio

Geographic location: north-eastern coast of Sardinia, 270 km from Cagliari, 30 km from Porto Cervo

Number of inhabitants: 59000

Public holidays and popular events

February 12 – 17: Carnival in Tempio – Pausania. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting carnivals of Italy. Masks, processions, fun, jokes and satire are main features of this fest.

May 14 – 15: Festival of mussels. If you like mussels, you should visit Sardinia in the mid of May.

June 24: holiday of San Giovanni and Madonna del Mare.

July 12 – 19: Olbia film festival.


Cala Cuncheddi 4*

Alessandro 4*

Martini hotel 4*

Jazz hotel 4*


Olbia’s surroundings are mecca of beach vacation due to its finest sand, its shore is much indented with bays, and the sea there is always beautiful. Here is our top five of Olbia’s best beaches for you: Pittulongu, Cala Banana, Sos Aranzos, Cala Sassari, Spiaggia Bianca.

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