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Sardinia means not only the sea, beaches and bays. Deep inside the island, far from the shore is hidden true, unique Sardinia, different from the touristic one.

It is Sardinia of wild nature, unspoiled with civilization, Sardinia of artisans, bards, poets and centenarians. On Monte Corrasi of mountain range Gennargentu is located a small authentic town Oliena. It will conquer you heart after your first glance on the painted walls of houses, after your first step on the streets paved with roughly trimmed rocks.. It is particularly in Oliena you can here singing «Canto a tenores», which was placed in the list of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, taste local wine Nepente di Oliena, hailed by Gabriele D’Annunzio in his verses, feel the softness of silk-broidered shawls, made by local artisan women, fall in love with filigree jewels manufactured by Sardinian jewelers.

The central part of the island is distant from tourist routes, few people visit it and the territory has preserved its authentic lifestyle, which has remained unchanged for many centuries. The nature is also minimally altered with human influence.

Not far from Sardinia in Valle di Lanaittu are located two grottos, Sa Oche (what means “voice”) and Su Bentu (what means “wind”). Both grottos have a few kilometer length. In the huge caves stalagmites and stalactites, subterranean lakes, silica sand and sharpened crystals display their whole beauty and power.

Within a few kilometers from Oliena on the slopes of mountain range Supramonte is located Sardinia’s most full-flowing spring Su Gologone. On Tiscali mountain is situated an ancient village of Tiscali.

Basic facts

Province of: Nuoro

Geographiclocation: central Sardinia, 190 kmfrom Cagliari, 120 kmfrom Olbia

Number of inhabitants: 7500

Public holidays and popular events

Easter: theatrical performances and processions, dedicated to Madonna and risen Jesus Christ.

July: festival of embroidered shawls. The event is dedicated to local artisan women, who create the silk-embroidered shawls of astonishing beauty.

August 18 – 23: holiday of San Lussorio, saint patron of Olienas.

September: festival of crafts and traditional foods.


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Olienna is located deep inside the island, that’s why it takes 30-40 minutes of ride to get to the nearest beaches. These are beaches of Orosei gulf: Cala Cartoe, Cala Gonone.

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