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Oristano is situated on the west of Sardinia– it offers amazing beaches with snow-white sand and emerald sea, what makes this place worth visiting every year. Fans of relaxing in private surroundings will appreciate Oristano.

The inhabitants of the city still venerate Eleanor of Arborea, who ruled the city up to the beginning of XV century. She was famous for defending Sardinia’s independence from Aragon. A statue of Eleanor of Arborea was installed on the main city square, which is also named after her. There is an interesting story connected with this monument – it had been stored in a box for a long time, as for the citizens couldn’t find a decent place to install it in. Sardinia’s largest cathedral is also located in Oristano, it is called Duomo di Oristano. The temple was built and decorated in Baroco style and dedicated to San Archelao, saint patron of the city.

Basic facts

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Western coast of Sardinia, 95 km from Cagliari, 181 km from Olbia

Public holidays and popular events

  • February

    The last month of Winter in Oristano means mad horse racing or Sartiglia carnival. This carnival dates back to Middle Ages is still celebrated. Usually more than 100 riders take part in the race

  • June

    On the holiday of Trinity local people venerate Madonna d’Itria. On this day folk artists on the streets glorify Virgin Mar yand felicitate citizens with the holiday

  • September 8

    Is a day of Madonna del Rimedio

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  • Beach of Is Arutas or rice beach

    Its silica sand glows in the sun and creates a sensation of true grains of rice. The sand from this beach is Sardinia’s national heritage and thus can’t be exported or brought outside its territory

  • Beaches Mari Ermi and Punta Maimoni

    Are made of porphyritic granite. Beach of PutzuIdu is designed for families with small children due to its shallow shore and fine show-white sand

  • Beach san Giovanni di Sinis

    Is 4 kilometers of white sand and blue sea

  • Beach of Mari Emeri

    Is situated not far from that famous one of Is Arutas. Here silica sand and crystal clear turquoise water demonstrate their all beauty

  • Beach of Maimoni

    Is made of sand of different tones and crystal clear water. And its water becomes deep gradually, what makes it a perfect place for children’s leisur

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