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Porto Pino

Porto Pino is located ons outh-east of Sardinia, close to city Sant’Anna Arresi. Porto Pino means snow white dunes, gorgeous pines, rosemary and oleander, small lakes, flamingos pink and, of course, sea.

At Porto Pino to services of guests there are two beaches, which stretch 4 kilometers along the seashore. Thefirstbeachisequippedwitheverythingneededforcomfortablevacation: umbrellas, deck chairs, chaiseslongues, drinking fountains, shower cabins. Here you can try your hand in windsurfing, kite and sport fishing. Another beach is located further away from the city center and it’s wilder. But its snow-white sand with pinky branches of coral is worth the effort of seeing it.

There is a small port on Porto Pino, from which one could take a boat ride in Palmas bay or making a tript o Teulauda promontory. Teulauda promontory is the most southern extremity of Sardinia. Country of Porto Pino astonishes with beauty of its nature. Here you can taste a breathing of eternity, and sea, sun and air, filled with scents of herbs give you power and energy. A voyage to Porto Pino could become not only a summer trip, but a voyage to yourself.

Basic facts

Province of: Carbonia- Iglesias.

Geographic location: south-eastern coast of Sardinia, 80 km from Cagliari, 30 km from Olbia, 7 km from Sant’Anna.

Number of inhabitants: 150

Public holidays and popular events

June, July, August: summer event days, folk festivals, musical fests, theme nights.

September 1th-6th: Jazz Festival Ai confine tra Sardegna e jazz.


Apartamenti Porto Pino


Spiaggia di Porto Pino, Spiaggia delle Dune, Porto Tramatzu.

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