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San Pantaleo

Among the rocks of CostaSmeralda, thick woods and clearest waters on the north-east of Sardinia get lost a hamlet of San-Pantaleo. This place looks like an oasis: mountain springs, bright, luxuriant shrubs, vineyards. Side streets and squares of San-Pantaleo fascinate everyone. It’s not without reason this place was chosen for making one of the films about James Bond «The Spy, Who Loved Me». Besides the representatives of film industry this little slice of Eden was chosen by people in creative professions. From the middle of 70thof XX century they started making their workshops just here. Local artisans kept up the pace with them. That’s why San-Pantaleo now is mecca of folkcrafts. Forged products, ceramics, terra cotta, wood carvings– a land of Sardinia has lots of things to impress you with.

Basic facts

PROVINCE OF Olbia-Tempio
GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION North-eastern coast of Sardinia, 13,78 km to Olbia

Public holidays and popular events

  • Events and holidays

    In San-Pantaleo holiday lasts all year long. Local residents venerate Saint Michael and Saint Chiara

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  • Liscia Ruja
  • Spiaggia Capriccioli
  • Spiaggia del Principe
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