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Island Sant’Antioco is located in south-western part of Sardinia. It stands out for its size among the chain of small islands, which surround Sardinia.

Sant’Antioco is linked with Sardinia with a long isthmus. There are two cities on the territory on the island: Sant’Antioco and Calasetta. Sant’Antioco is full of past on each step. The settlement of this territory has started from 3000 B C. Mysterious and exciting remnants of past are everywhere on the island: tombs of giants, burials it of the sacrifices, Roman bridge. In beautiful basilica of Saint Martyr Antioco are stored the relics of the saint, who was executed on the island in127.

But Sant’Antioco means not only legends and true stories. This island attracts first of all amateurs of sea and nature. On Sant’Antioco there are excellent beaches, clear sea waters, crystal pure air. As all places in Sardinia, Sant’Antioco

has an excellent national cuisine, interesting local wine, authentic and original artisan products of local craftsmen.

Basic facts

Province of: Carbonia- Iglesias.

Geographic location: situated90 km from Cagliari, connected with Sardinia through a bridge.

Number of inhabitants: 11900 people


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