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Prime Junior Golf and Language Camp

You can upgrade your English and Italian speaking skills, and also master art of playing golf in International Golf Academy for youth. Its curriculum represents a well-balanced combination of physical and intellectual loads. Children will play outdoor games a lot, speak foreign languages, and, of course, have much fun under the rays of Sardinian sun.

The Academy works on methods of Dain Williamson. Dain Williamson is the only coach on Sardinia, who applies Dartfish technology for digital analysis of a stroke. His educational technique is based on special exercises which develop a correct stroke, and help you achieving good coordination and accuracy. Dain Williamson’s method is the most efficient way to gain elegance, perfection and marksmanship.

Where does it take place?

The Academy works on the premises of Is Molas Golf Club & Resort, located on the south of Sardinia. Here the weather is warm and sunny for 300 days in the year; the climate is mild and pleasing. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the southern coast of the island. Amazing beaches, bays with crystal-clear water, astonishing Mediterranean landscape will make scenery for your golf classes. If you enjoy golf and wild nature, Is Molas will not disappoint you. Due to proximity of mountain range on the north of the island and the sea on its south Is Molas has a climate which makes possible playing golf the whole year long.


All students reside in lux suites of the hotel. The rooms are equipped with TV-sets, Wi-Fi, telephone and air conditioner. The golf course with 27 holes is located within a few minutes walking distance from the hotel. All lectures and practical classes take place on the premises of the golf club. Parents can spend time on Sardinia together with their children. We offer you to stay in The Inhabited Sculptures, a place peculiar for its magnificent beauty and excellent comfort. Sea, mountains, nature, and, of course, golf!

Culture and Leisure

In addition to principal courses of golf and practicing language the program includes:

  • Excursion to Cagliari, visiting of famous beach Poetto, playing soccer and volleyball there.
  • Boat trip in natural park of Molentargius. You will have an opportunity to see flamingoes pink.
  • Visiting of aquatic park Blue Fan;
  • Visiting of Pula theme park. This multi-level park occupies area of 1300 m2;
  • Visiting of cave Zuddas;
  • Workshop in national cuisine of Sardinia.

What to Expect

  • No more than 12 students in class;
  • Full provision with all necessary equipment;
  • Engaging training;
  • Friendly international environment , which enables you practicing foreign language for a whole day;
  • You don’t need to have any prior experience of playing golf;
  • Opportunity to learn playing golf within but 2 days.
  • And the main feature of International Golf Academy – it’s fun!