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It’s best to start your acquaintance with Sardinian golf clubs from the south. Just there is located Is Molas, one of the most ancient clubs. Is Molas is not merely a golf club, but an interesting and beautiful place. Is Molas is the largest golf course on Sardinia. Moreover, this course is one of the most technically challenging in all the Mediterranean. It’s a traditional venue for tournament «Italian Open» and championship «European Master Volvo». Association of professional golf players of Sweden selected course Is Molas for their official training ground. Is Molas established the game standards of golf on Sardinia more than 30 years ago and keeps doing it till today. Gary Player, a great golfer, has designed a course for Is Molas. This course represents by itself 18 holes of pure pleasure, birth impressions and emotions.

Is Molas is located south-western coast of Sardinia, not far from Cagliari, the island’s capital. The golf club borders with Santa Margherita di Pula, which is famous for its unsurpassable beaches, charming bays and untouched nature.

The course has 27 holes, first 18 of them have 72 pars and its general length is 6383 meters. Next 9 holes have 36 pars on the overall distance of 3.155 meters.

IS MOLAS Architect: Cotton & Pennink (1975).  18 (+9) holes: 6,143m: par 72.

Sardinia is not only sea, amazing views and golf. Sarda Elite Group recommends you complement your travel across the island with visits of interesting and culturally specific places. So, we offer you to have you lunch in the restaurant of hotel Su Gologone. Hotel Su Gologone is buried in verdure: red gerania, hydrangeas, bougainvilleas and prickly pears. This hotel is personification of Sardinia itself: there are untouched nature, ancient customs, excellent cuisine and fabulous hospitality of Sardinian long-livers. Here everything celebrates traditions, spirit, art of this extraordinary land, so rough and sweet at the same time. You will touch a secret of longevity of the inhabitants of mountain area Barbagia. It’s particularly in Barbagia lives the largest number of long-living persons in the world. Local cuisine is one of the secrets of their longevity. You will have a chance to try local dishes and local wine and get your renewal of wellbeing, health and good mood.

Let’s keep on travelling across Sardinia. The next point of our map is Costa Smeralda, which peculiar features are snow-white shore and turquoise sea. Porto Cervo is heart of Costa Smeralda, it’s the best known town on the coast. In В 60s of ХХ century Aga Khan had decided Sardinia would have been a perfect place for playing golf. In 1972 his dream was fulfilled by Robert Trent Jones, an outstanding golf course architect. We are talking about golf club Pevero. From a technical standpoint course of Pevero, which has only 72 pars on 18 holes of the whole length of 6.107 meters could be qualified as one of technically most advanced, but it makes the moment of win so sweet! And don’t forget about mistral, which always tends to play with you by its own rules.

PEVERO Architect: R. Trent Jones Snr. (1972) 18 holes: 6,170m: par 72. 

After playing golf on the course of Pevero we offer you to spend unforgettable hours surrounded by legendary and luxurious cars in store Rolls Royce Summer Studio. These cars could serve a living picture of Porto Cervo’s opulent life style. Just here you can experience all power and beauty of Wraith, Ghost, Phantom and Phantom Drophead Coupé.  You will conquer all the roads of Costa Smeralda along with them!

You need to take a small yacht trip in order to get the next course. We are making our way to the island of Corsica. Our destination is golf club Sperone. Thisplace is European musthave for every golf amateur. Golf club Sperone is located not far from Bonifacio course. It was also designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. The club has opened its doors in 1990 and since then golf amateurs and professionals from all over the world enjoy the game in this unspeakably beautiful place

Turquoise sea, chalky cliffs, amazing panorama of Sardinia add new emotions and mood to your play. 9 holes are located along the shore and other 9 are behind the hills. The last are specially challenging because of the breeze and course’s surface structure. It’s not in vain Sperone was nicknamed The Pebble Beach of Europe.

SPERONE Architects: J. Fazio & B. Dassú (1974).  18 holes: 5,904m: par 72.

Our next stop is golf club Murtoli. The course was designed in 2013 on the territory of private manor by architect Kelly Philips. The course has 12 holes, it is 2420 meters long, there are 33 pars. The course with 12 holes reminds of Prestwick, where in 1860 the first British Open, which attracted the best golf players, took place. Tom Morris, Wilie Park, Tom Morris Jr. have passed 12 holes of the course within but one day. You can try to repeat their achievement.

MURTOLI Architects: Kyle Phillips (2013).  12 holes: 2420 m par 33.

We offer you to stay in Domaine de Murtoli. Domaine de Murtoli had been constructed on the ground of authentic rural huts, which have transformed now into gorgeous villas. Murtolli means “beauty in everything” and it is true. All kinds of magic are possible here.

You make a core of any itinerary! We have represented but one of the possible routes, which can be developed by team of Sarda Elite Group for you. It is but one of the variants offered.