Let us take you on a journey. Our escorted tours are small group journeys with quality inclusions, like local tour leaders who can give you an authentic insight into the places they live and characterful accommodation in the best locations. We hand-pick each part to include everything you need to get the most out of a destination and extra touches you may not expect, so that you’ll come away feeling that you got to know a destination in a unique way.

Our highly experienced team meticulously designs your journey to allow you to engage with some of the most incredible environments of Sardinia

Sarda Elite Group can adapt popular routes taking into account all your wishes and interests: you’ll delve into Sardinia, enjoy the sea and nature at your own pace.

While exploring Sardinia with us, you’ll be able to visit all the places of interest at any convenient time, no crowd, no queues. You won’t have to worry about hotels, tickets, transportation, routes or tour guides: we’ll take care of every single thing.

Our Group Tours:


    We arrange tours for groups (from 10-18 persons). Any route that you like will be adapted to your needs. If you’d like to switch hotels, transportation means or add siesta time, it’s all possible with our tour guide


    Such kind of a honeymoon will stay in your memory forever and will become the happiest reminiscence. You will only enjoy the island and each other’s presence while we take care of the rest.


    (from 4-8) Special days like a child’s birthday, an anniversary, a jubilee can be celebrated in Sardinia in the family circle. Depending on your wishes and needs, we’ll pick an option with whatever you want: hearty meals, warm greetings or new impressions. Every family is unique: we only suggest, but it’s you who decides.


    (from 12 -24 persons) Best hotels, restaurants, automobiles, no queues or crowds, unequalled places unreachable for the majority of tourists – we can provide you with such a journey. There are less than 18 persons in such type of a group, so they are pampered and taken care of every minute.


    (from 20-50 persons) In Sardinia, every traveller may find something for themselves. Someone enjoys wild nature; someone is more into scuba-diving and someone has the urge to explore Middle Ages castles and fortresses. We arrange theme tours that include everything: landmarked buildings, historical heritage, hidden pieces of art, archae-ological finds, and national cuisine.

Booking an individual our with us, you’ll get a file with all the information about your journey. You can always alter your itinerary – it’s you who maps out your vacation.