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If summer it means Sardinia, a sunny island located in the heart of Mediterranean sea. Not everyone knows about this slice of heaven on the Earth, not everyone will find it on the map. But we are pretty sure that visiting it once you will fall in love with this wonderful land filled with fragrances of myrtle, which seems to be filled with pheromones of happiness. Sardinia leaves no one indifferent, it charms everyone and doesn’t let anyone go. Problems don’t exist here, it’s a kingdom of beauty and bliss.

But Sardinia means not only sea and nature, it’s also the island which has preserved rich cultural heritage of ancient peoples and civilizations. Traces of Nuraghe civilization Следы (nuraghes, giants’ tombs, sacred wells),artifacts of late Stone age (dolmens, menhirs, houses of fairies), ancient Roman monuments (villas’ amphitheatres, excavations of ancient buildings, ancient settlements Forum Traiani, Fordongianus and Turris Lybissonis, thermae ,mosaics), remnants of Spanish dominion (medieval castles and temples, bastions and fortifications). Whatever area of Sardinia you choose for your vacation you will find on each spot of this island places of interest, which are full of history.

Sardinia enchants with contrasts: authentic mountain villages live side-by-side with the most expensive vip-resort of Europe Porto Cervo. Porto Cervo’s history is also striking. It has appeared thanks to prince Aga Khan, who has invited eminent Italian architects to build a Dream city, luxurious place for the rich and powerful. Prince Aga Khan engaged known entrepreneurs, architects, artists from the whole world, who turned 5000 hectares of savage lands into one of the most prestigious and exclusive resorts of the Mediterranean. Prince demanded all real estate objects were built in harmonious relation with the landscape and were easy-accessible. The first resorts, including Porto Cervo, were designed by famous architects Luigi Vietti, Jacques Couelle and Michele Busiri Vici. They formed the basis of brand-name Mediterranean style of Costa Smeralda: simple forms, numerous arches, pastel tones, harmony with nature. Gallurese style reigns here. Its main feature is using local materials in combination with clear-cut forms and unification with the world around it.

Sardinia is rich with secrets and mysteries, which are not to be get out from the first time. One of such secrets is National park La Maddalena: 60 islands, which lay along the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. Wild nature, rugged, hilly coastline, and vivid green and transparent water of emerald color– you need just see it. One of the islands, island Santa-Maria, looks more like Seychelles or Caribbean islands. There are white fine sand beaches, bordered in granite, fascinating views, and color of water ranging from bright turquoise to pale blue and even pale rose color, as on beach SpiaggiaRosa. Tiny particles of red corals, which had been washed up by sea currents for centuries, have mixed with sand and created a view of astonishing beauty.

Sardinia gives a splendid rest from noisy cities and weekdays painted on minutes. Here serenity hangs in the air, whisper of age-old pines and waves crash help you forget all problems and enjoy every moment of life.

Sardinia is different from any other part of Italy. Here lives the largest number of centenarians in the world, and the locals joke it’s all is due to their cuisine. And sometimes it seems not to be a joke! They cook so tasty! You will certainly discover new tastes and something that fits you perfectly: it can be super tasty «maialetto» or «malloreddus» with a glass of red wine «Cannonau». One of local specificities is sheep’s cheese with thousands of living larvae. Not everyone will like this exotic dish, but there are some gourmets who are actually mad about it.

Sardinia is an island of sun and the sea, of incredible sunrises and sunsets, of thousands of flowers and fragrances. Everyone will find his or her own reason to come to Sardinia again and again. Beach relaxation, shopping therapy, active leisure, sightseeing tours –for everyone on Sardinia is stored a bit of charms and some magic.