“My heart belongs to two amazing places of Earth: Sardinia and Alps. Sea and mountains serve a universal remedy from gloom and doom, making a perfect way to render your life bright and full of emotions.”  

Oksana Syrotyuk, founder of Sarda Elite Group company

This land is not alike in any other place on earth. Sardinia inspires love   from the first sight. Here is no winter, here it slips away, loses its power, and lukewarm waters of Mediterranean Sea give a sense of endless summer. Time fades in Sardinia. Bright blue sea and warm shining sun fill with serenity, joy and happiness. Sardinia is not Italy; it is distinctive and absolutely unique corner of the Earth. It has a rhythm of life, a tempo of its own, and diversity, which astounds anyone’s imagination. Sardinia, exactly as beautiful woman, confident of herself, is always different.  Even seemingly familiar corners of Sardinia could amaze and please with something new and unexpected.

Sardinia doesn’t trust you her secrets from the first step, you need some time to comprehend it and fall in love with it. Yet you need some time to walk every single corner of this land, talk to the local inhabitants, drink a mug of beer and break some bread together with them. After that Sardinia discovers exposes itself in other way, it becomes more intelligible, your heart aches from the beauty of its woods, mountains and the sea and your soul feels with joy. After her full immersion into Sardinian life Oksana Syrotiuk desired to display this land in a way she sees and perceives it by herself. Adventure named Sardinia awaits everyone, whose soul is young and seeking for the new and unexplored.

Sarda Elite Group helps you to plunge into a source of joy and bright emotions, which name is Sardinia.

My Favourite Hotel

Choosing a hotel on Sardinia is easy and difficult at the same time. Their number and variety is really impressive. Any wishes and demands will be satisfied. Wherever you stay, excellent service and hospitality will be granted to you. But I have a list of hotels, which are perfect for romantic couples, seekers of new impressions and creative people.

For romantic trips it is simply a must to book Faro Capo Spartivento. It is absolutely essential to enjoy the sea, myrtle fragrance, clean air, amazing sunsets and daybreaks with your loving one right here. Every evening for 160 years a lighthouse had been lit here. Its light will be a guiding one for you as well, and for long years after your return from Sardinia you will feel its warmth and rhythm. It will be a lighthouse of your love and happiness.

For the people, who are open to everything new and unconventional is designed a project “is molas resort” of architect Massimiliano Fuksas. It’s an ecstasy, experiment of forms, materials, design. It’s a quintessence of creative and spiritual freedom. The complex consists of 9 villas, restaurants, swimming pools, and a golf club. All the buildings are adapted to the surrounding nature, each ledge and curve of Sardinian land is taken into consideration. In this place you will feel energy of Earth, and unification of nature and man.

Beautiful and unbelievably spiritual place for vacation in Sardinia is hotel Petra Segreta 4* San Pantaleo. The hotel is located high in the mountains, you get into amazing captivity of bizarre-formed granite rocks and lush Mediterranean greenery. When sun hits the mountains, they become pink. In what other spot of the globe you could see such a beauty! Hotel Petra Segreta is a complete immersion into true, authentic Sardinia. Near the hotel Petra Segreta is located small town San Pataleo, rich in artisan traditions, and oleanders in blossom, side streets and garlanded houses. It’s not by chance, that exactly in San-Pantaleo movie “The Spy Who Loved Me “about James Bond was made.

My Favorite Place

It’s impossible not to love Islands of Archipelago La Maddalena. These are 260 beaches with the water clearest you could ever imagine, and soft sand. The best known beaches are Сala Coticcio and Relitto in Carpera island, beaches Cala Corsara and Cala Granara in Spargi island. And also La Maddalena – it’s wild nature, sunsets and daybreaks, which make your soul singing.


Everyone of us has Sardinia of his or her own, his or her own places of power and unforgettable minutes. The most wonderful moments of childish excitement and delight I experienced while flying in helicopter above the south of Corsica and 60 indented islands of Archipelago La Maddalena. Waters around its islands are so clear that boats and yachts seem to float just in the air. It’s worth seeing! White sand, seawater of all tones – from blue up to emerald or even pink as on Spiaggia Rosa beach. It makes an impression you are somewhere in Seychelles or Caribbean islands. Beauty and splendor of nature take your breath away. I wholeheartedly recommend seeing Sardinia and Mediterranean Sea from height of the bird’s flight.

We would be happy to help you discovering Sardinia and fall in love with it!


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