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Ancient city of Alghero, a center of “CoralRiviera” stretches itself over the north-western part of Sardinia. It’s a city with specific Catalan spirit, baroque temples, narrow winding streets and convoluted wrought-iron balconies.

Up to XIV century Alghero belonged to Genovese noblemen from the dynasty of Doria. In 1354 Peter IV of Aragon has laid a few-month siege on the city and the city has fallen. And so Catalan dominance, which had been lasted for 5 centuries, has begun. Catalan language and traditions have persisted in Alghero till today. The city’s inhabitants call Alghero “Barcelonata”, which means “small Barcelona”.

In the city center remnants of Catalan majesty are still preserved. These are Square Piazza Sulis, fabulous towers Espero Reial, San Giacomo, Sant’Elmo of city bastions, cathedrals of Santa Maria and San Michele. Due to the presence of well-preserved temples, castles and bastions Alghero has a special charm and spirit.

But Alghero means not only old towers and landmarks, but also amazing nature and wonderful beaches. Alghero’s environs make a part of Nature Park of Porto Conteri. Add into your list of places mandatory for visiting the next sights: Neptune grotto, Nereus grotto, Capo Caccia promontory, vineyards of Sellae Mosca winery, aquarium “Mare Nostrum”.

Basic facts

Province: Sassari

Geographic location: north-western coast of Sardinia, 250 km to Cagliari, 90 km to Olbia.

Number of inhabitants: 42289

Year of foundation: 1102

Public holidays and popular events

December-January: Celebration of New Year. Sardinia likes celebrating New Year in Alghero. For the whole month dances, carnivals and festivities last on the streets.

March – April: tasting of sea urchins. According to the locals’ beliefs sea urchins strengthen immunity and help to get through any life’s trial.

September: Holiday of Alghero’s saint patron San Michele. At the end of September the city’s streets are transformed into stage sets. There are lots of colors, music, singings and fun.


Villa Las Tronas 5*

El Faro 4*

Dei Pini 4*

Soleado 4*

Corte Rosada 4*

Alma di Alghero Hotel 4*

Hotel Sa Cheya Relais & Spa 4*

Oasis 4*


Lido di Alghero, Le Bombarde, Il Lazzaretto, Porto Ferro, Cala Tramariglio, Mugoni, Baria di Corte, Torre del Porticciolo.