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Baia Sardinia

Baia Sardinia is a true welcoming halt for a traveler, tired with grey routine working days. Most of the year the weather is dry and sunny, and golden beaches are like a beckoning finger for the tourists and tempt them to soak up the sun and immerse themselves into their dreams.

The resort is located on Costa Smeralda, the most prestigious coastal area in Sardinia. Both local residents and visitors of this cozy town also call it Emerald Coast for the special, bluish-green color of the sea waves.

Although Baia Sardinia has been considered for several decades a place for elite vacations, which regularly draws politicians, businessmen, musicians and film stars, its numerous hotels also open their doors in front of ordinary tourists. If you get bored with picturesque, local views, (which is, by definition, almost impossible), go to La Maddalena archipelago and enjoy its fancy cliffs of pink granite, bays with snow-white sand and tender sea tides. It’s very close to Baia Sardinia.

There’s always something to do in the town itself. Its famous central boulevard will bring you directly to the edge of the sea. You will always find there a place to hide from the summer heat: there are lots of fragrant gardens with refined flower decorations and adumbral parks along the streets of Baia Sardinia. On the sea shore there are amazing sea views, which you can enjoy while sitting on the terrace of a small café with a cup of fragrant cappuccino.

Basic facts

Province of: Olbia-Tempio

Geographic location: north-eastern coast of Sardinia, 4 km to Porto Cervo, 30 km to Porto Rotondo, 35 km to Olbia

Number of inhabitants: 150 people

Public holidays and popular events

June: holiday of Anthony of Padua, saint patron of the city

July – August: beach-styled parties, performances of invited music stars, public festivities.

Marketday: Tuesday, PiazzadeiPignini

Central shopping streets: Strada dei Pigni, Piazza Ventaglio.


Grand Hotel Smeraldo Beach 4*

Grand Relais dei Nuraghi 4*

La Bisaccia 4*

Club Hotel Baja Sardinia 4*

L’Ea Bianca Luxury Resort Hotel 5*

Hotel La Rocca Resort & Spa 5*

Airone 4*


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