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Cagliari is a capital of Sardinia, the city is authentic, full of energy, bright and modern. The city is situated on seven hills in bay Golfo degli Angeli. But Cagliari is not only Sardinia’s administrative center, it’s a heart of the island, which echoes in time with this land. Cagliari means blindingly bright sun, turquoise sea, azure bays, medieval streets and contemporary shopping malls. Cagliari is a perfect place for those who like balancing beach idleness and active excursions. Legendary city beach Poetto is situated exactly in Cagliari.

Cagliari side streets seemed to be created specifically for romantic and instructive trips, it’s a synthesis of antiquity and modernity, a wonderful mix of colors, greens and forms. Roman amphitheater of II century, Basilica of saint Saturnino of V century, Royal palace, Cathedral of Virgin Mary on Bonaria square – it’s the largest temple on the territory of Sardinia, Crypt of saint Restituta, Church of San-Michele, Fortress of San-Michele, Bastion San-Remi, City fortress, city quay, church of saint Efisio, cathedral church, Palazzo square. And it’s a mere enumeration of Cagliari’s main places of interest. Impressions after visiting of capital of Sardinia will stay forever with you. As well as the sense of happiness and easiness of life.

Basic facts

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Airport of Cagliari – Elmas. The Cagliari seaport

Public holidays and popular events

  • April 28

    Day of Sardinia. National day of Sardinia is celebrated in Cagliari and other municipalities since 1993. Historical ground of this holiday is an upraising of Sardinian people, which took place 28th of April of 1794, which and put an end to the rule of Savoyard dynasty on the island. On this day on city streets people play historical reconstructions of those events. The holiday ends with concerts and festive processions

  • May  1–4

    Holiday of saint Ephysius. This saint is worshipped and venerated on Sardinia within last 350 years. Saint Ephysius, according to the legend, saved in Middle Ages the city of Cagliary from plague and thankful residents of Cagliari make solemn processions and festive theatrical performances at the beginning of May in order to commemorate this event

  • July-August

    Colored nights every Thursday. It’s a holiday of summer, noisy and cheerful one. Concerts, bands’ performances, souvenir trade– all this takes place at night, it’s very picturesque and interesting

  • September

    Festival of fish. Sardinian cuisine is seafood cuisine. That’s why at the beginning of September you can try the tastiest and most authentic dishes in Giorgino, a hamlet located not far from Cagliari

  • Mid-September

    Selargius wedding. In Selargius, Cagliari’s twin city, a folklore celebration takes place. If you want to see, how Sardinians wed their sons and daughters at all times, you should definitely come to Cagliari in September. It’s beautiful and unforgettable



  • Poetto
  • Calamosca
  • Sant’Elia
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