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Domus De Maria

Domus De Maria is one of the most popular vacation places in south-western part of the island. 80% of its hilly terrain are covered with succulent trees and bushes, downs are overgrown with juniper and seem to have walked off the pages of ancient legends, snow white sand and the sea so bright blue that it seems transparent – the beauties created by nature compete in charm with chic restaurants and elite hotels of the city.

In the highest point of the resort is located forest reserve Is Cannoneris, where you can see a clumpy bore, a swift-footed deer or a timid doe. Having descended from the hill you will get to Chia lagoon, which looks as portrayed on pastoral picture because of the flocks of pink flamingos which nest here from the beginning of spring. A little bit further along the shoreline is located world-known lighthouse Faro di Capo Spartivento, which is currently transformed into an exclusive premium hotel. Its terrace offers breath-taking view on southern coast starting from promontories Malfatano and Capo Teulada and finishing with golden sandy coastal strip of Chia bay.

This lively and comfortable resort has a forefather, Phoenician village of Bitia, founded in VII century B. C. Domus De Maria is famous for a few architectural monuments, in particular for Saint Spirit cathedral, erected in 500, and tower Torre Chia of XVII century. It is built on the hill nearly adjoined the water edge and looks just spectacular in nocturnal time lit by artificial light.

Domus De Maria is appreciated by those who enjoy active lifestyle because of its special climate, winds of remarkable intensity and lukewarm water, what factors attract wind surfers, kite surfers and amateurs of sailing. Local golf club and school of horse riding also enjoy popularity, and they are best to be visited on evenings: astringent fragrances of plants and fantastic sunsets make sport workouts a true pleasure.

Basic facts

Province of: Cagliari.

Geographic location: south-western part of Sardinia, 58 km to Cagliari, 35,8 km to Porto Pino, 22 km to Pula.

Number of inhabitants: 1545 people.

Public holidays and popular events

July: fishermen festival.

Each week of August: Festival of figs, in which local orchards are very rich; Holiday of bore

First week of October: a holiday in honor of Madonna del Rosario, saint patroness of the resort.


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Campana, Su Giudeu, Monte Cogoni, Cala Cipolla.

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