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Isola Rossa

Isola Rossa means «Red island», yet Isola Rossa is not an island, but a charming town located on the north of Sardinia on Costa Paradiso peninsula. An island, which bears the same name of Isola Rossa, is located within 500 meters from the shore.

Porphyry rocks render the island its fabulous red color, and these rocks are actually the main highlight and landmark of this part of Sardinia. On the sunset the sun, rocks and the sea get the same color. It’s worth coming at this moment to Isola Rossa to be able to feel this moment, even though you will not opt for this place as your main lodging point on the island.

Up to 60s of XX century Isola Rossa was but a small village of fishers. It seems that fishers’ village has always been here, lost between bays and living in accordance with its own rhythm, in unity with nature. In XV century after the conquest of Sardinia by Catalans, a watchtower, which has preserved up to our days, was erected here. It had been protecting the island from invaders coming from these and kept smugglers from neighboring Corsica from bringing their illegal goods to Sardinia.

Isola Rossa is a place for family vacation, for those who appreciate privacy, serenity and beauty of nature. Beach vacation walks through hidden paths, voyages across Sardinia, launch and boat trips– all these entertainments are accessible on Isola Rossa and make your vacation an active one.

Basic facts

Province of: Olbia-Tempio.

Geographic location: north-eastern coast of Sardinia, 260 km to Cagliari, 75 km to Olbia.

Number of inhabitants: 150

Public holidays and popular events

Vacation on Sardinia is all a fest. In addition to amazing sea, sun and nature there are lots of concerts, fairs and street amusements in Isola Rossa. Life here is not boring and vivid.


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