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Les Arcs 1950

Les Arches 1950 is a new ski resort, which was founded in 2003. It makes a part of Paradiski skiing area and offers a spectacular view of Montblanc mountain. It’s a true calling card of the region. It is distinct from the other resort with its excellent infrastructure and lodging of elite category. Les Arches 1950 offers four – and five- star residences, which receive hospitably the guests from all around the world. Having visited Les Arches 1950, you will get a service of VIP category. The skiing resort is equipped with the best technique, that’s why your vacation will be maximally comfortable.

It’s an excellent place for familial vacation. There are children’s clubs on the territory of Les Arches 1950, where you can leave your children aged before 9 month. Teenagers will not also be bored, as for there are junior skiing and snow-board schools, which are ready to help the teenagers to strengthen their skiing skills.

For skiers

Les Arches 1950 has 200 kilometers of skiing pistes. A glacier of Aiguille Rouge is a favorite place for professional skiers and amateurs of freeriding. It is just from its summit begins an area of complicated slopes with an option to conquer backcountry trails. A lift with cabins will bring the tourists up at the altitude of 3226 meters. A bit lower there are many simple trails, where you can ride a snowboard, try your hand in bordercross or in slalom skiing.

Les Arches 1950 is joined with Les Arches 1600 and Les Arches 2000 by lifts, that’s why it’s quite easy to get on the trails neighboring them. For instance, many skiers go to Les Arches 2000 in order to test your skills at Olympic rapid trail, which has 76 ° level of incline.

Events/places to visit

In your free time you can visit more than 40 shops, located on the territory of the resort. Twice a week there are classes of zumba and water aerobics.

If you want to relax a bit, SPA-salon “Deep nature SPA” with an area of more than 1000 square meters is at your disposal. You can also walk in snowshoes and take a class of snake gliss.

If you seek new experience, there are true Mongolian yurts next to the resort, and you may get there by walking in snowshoes. It gives you a chance to feel yourself a true nomad and plunge into incredible Asian atmosphere.

In December European Film festival takes place there, with more than 100 movie previews, and also dozens of workshops and concerts are organized.