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Les Arcs

Les Arches is one of the most popular resorts of French Alpes, it is situated in the valley of Haute Tarentaise. A cozy settlement of Bourg Saint-Moritz is located a bit lower Les Arches, and it’s possible to visit the village by descending in a mountain lift.

Les Arches is spacious; it has a well-developed infrastructure and lots of attractions. You can entertain yourself with ski and other shows; spend your time in gaming rooms and restaurants, located high in the mountains, tasting the dishes of traditional French cuisine.

The resort has a few levels: Arches 1600, Arches 1800, Arches 2000 and Arches 1950. They are joined with one chain of 84 lifts. It’s a perfect place for vacation, which caters to the needs of skiers, snow-boarders and fans of extreme sports.

Les Arches is known for its panoramic terraces located at the altitude of more than 2500 meters.

For skiers

Les Arches has 12 kilometers of green trails, 125 kilometers of blue, 64 kilometers of red, and 31 kilometer of black trails. On the resort mostly chairlifts work, but there are also funifors and surface lifts.

Les Arches will welcome beginners of skiing and tourists with children. For their needs were opened skiing and snowboard schools, where more than 300 coaches work. It’s worth mentioning there kinder gardens on each level of the resort.

Professional snowboarders will also appreciate Les Arches. For them there are entertaining snowboard parks with fan boxes, pyramids, half-pipes and rail. On Arches 2000 there also are trails for boardercross.

Les Arches also has forest trails at the altitude up to 2000 meters. But the main is, there always are many areas for backcountry. Moreover, you can try your hand in cross-country skiing, in scaling the glacier or in a freeride. And thrill junkies will always appreciate the slope of Violettes-Plaine-Morte, as for this trail has length up to7 kilometers and 2126 meters of difference in height.

Events/places to visit

  • December

    Les Arches European Film Festival, where you can watch the best contemporary movies.

  • January

    Championship of France in slalom and competitions in alpine skiing.

Any time you can take part in dog sled races, try yourself in ice alpinism, descend into an ice cave, take a course of paragliding or walk in snowshoes.