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Méribel is the central and the largest resort of Three Valleys. That explains its popularity among the tourists. In Méribel each traveler has “a sea of opportunities” for entertainment and relaxation. Méribel is designed in one style it is cozy and comfortable and seems to be walked off the pages of our favorite fairy tales. Méribel charms with its landscapes and views. It’s a perfect place for vacation with children and family. There are children’s skiing schools and a kinder garden, where little skiers can use a special lift and play on the snow ground.

For skiers

Méribel has been enjoying for many years the greatest fame in all Europeans. The resort has all the things needed for a prime mountain ski rest. It is divided on four skiing zones, which encompass 150 kilometers of the slopes of different levels of complexity. If you have come to Méribel, you may try your hand even at Olympic slopes and test cross-country skis.

Méribel is a place, which welcomes both professionals of skiing and beginners. It is possible to choose such unfrequented simple slopes as Blanchot and steep slopes as, for instance, Combe du Valon and Georges Maudit are. Nevertheless the resort better suits those who have advance skiing skills.

Méribel has 16 kilometers of green slopes, 69 kilometers of blue, 45 kilometers of red, 20 kilometers of black slopes and 33 kilometers of slopes designed for cross-country skiing. 58 modern lifts will help you to take you up the mountain, the resort is equipped with chair lifts, handle-tow lifts and cabin lifts.

Thanks to snow guns there is always much snow even near the roots of mountains. That’s why tourists can easily get home without putting their skis off.

Events/places to visit

  • December

    Professional coaches invite everyone to try their hand in biathlon.

  • January-February

    Skiing competitions, which attract viewers magnetically. They take place every week.

At any time you can enjoy horse walks, skating or take a sleigh or snowmobile ride.

There is school of winter sport in Méribel, which organizes interesting events and offers various park amusements for the resort’s visitors.

A small town of Bride le Bains, which lies the valley, is a true capital of SPA procedures in thermal waters.