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The resort of Palau stretches over north-eastern coast of Sardinia. It’s not only a picturesque southern town, but also a port.

Palau is the very same place visited by cruise liners from all over the world in order to demonstrate the beauties of Sardinia. It’s particularly Palau is a starting point of voyage to La Maddalena archipelago. Palau is located in close proximity to Costa Smeralda, jewel of the Mediterranean. But Palau has no need to borrow any charms from its emerald neighbor. Palau is beautiful and charming in and of itself. Palau means rocks of incredible shape and forms, tender sea, which color ranges from turquoise to green tone, vivid Mediterranean verdure, fragrances of herbs. Palau’s charm has not altered much in recent years. Here the nature has preserved in all its primordial beauty, but the infrastructure is well-developed, and the service is premium. Palau is a choice of those who appreciate comfort and opt for thoroughly thought-out vacation.

You can’t visit Palau without seeing famous Bear’s Rock. Wind and time were the architects of this miracle of Sardinia –a huge bear, made of rocks overlooks the land of Sards and protects it against all miseries.

Besides the incredible cliffs on the territory of Palau is located one mysterious place, megalithic architectural ensemble Li Mizzani. The scientists don’t know exactly for what purposes the complex was used in ancient world. They suppose it was related to astrology and ancient rites dedicated to transition of human soul to other worlds.

On the legends, these were exactly the same coasts which have charmed Odysseus. Gomer in his Odyssey left a description of these gorgeous coasts, which still captivate the travelers..

Basic facts

Province of: Olbia-Tempio

Geographic location: north-eastern coast of Sardinia, 300 km from Cagliari, 40 km from Olbia, 30 km from Porto Cervo

Number of inhabitants: 4500

Public holidays and popular events

June 13: Sant’Antonio di Monticano, holiday of saint patron the city.

August 1 – September 4: Nottid’estate, concerts, shows, cabarets, folklore celebrations on the city’s streets.

First Sunday of September: Santa Maria delle Grazie, the city’s main religious holiday.


Resort Cala di Falco – Hotel 4*

Resort Cala di Falco – Residence 4*

Resort Cala di Falco – Villas 4*

Capo D’Orso Thalasso & SPA 5*

Residence Il Mirto


Spiaggia de La Sciumara, Porto Raphael, Cala di Trana, Poltu Cuncatu, Porto Pollo. On peninsula Isola dei Gabbianiis located beach Portoliscia. This place is mecca for surfers in Sardinia.

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