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Porto Cervo

If you want to feel yourself a trendsetter or a true icon of style, don’t hesitate to visit Porto Cervo, a place, where beau monde routs and refined glamour make a harmonious combination with exotical snow-white beaches and sky-blue sea views. This elite resort town is situated in northern part of Sardinia and has appeared on the world’s map quite recently, in 1960s.

The initiator of building was multimillionaire Aga Khan IV, and his design was implemented by his talented architect Luigi Vietti.

The resort is known for the world business elite by its yachtsman club «Costa S meralda», which is a venue of regatta for the fastest and exclusive light vessels belonging to billionaires from all over the world. Visiting Porto Cervo gives you a unique chance to join the world of glance and luxury, non-accessible to common people. The resort’s name means «deer’s bay»: the shape of bay the resort located in resembles an image of a deer.

Local hotel of Cala di Volpe is famous with that fact that in its presidential lux suite was shot one episode of renowned James Bond movies. One night of stay there will cost you more than 30 000$.

Most of Porto Cervo’s architectural works, Old Port, for instance, are built in Gallurese style, a style of glorious medieval Sardinian princedom. The amateurs of ancient tales will appreciate 46 meter high promontory Capo Ferro– you recall the sirens from myths of ancient Greeks after the very first glance on them. There is a lighthouse located on it.

In Porto Cervo modern technologies and atmosphere of old-styled Italian hospitality are combined in amazing way, so come there without any hesitations to get new impressions.

Basic facts

Province of: Olbia-Tempio

Geographic location: north-eastern coast of Sardinia, 29 km to Olbia, 27 km to Porto Rotondo, 31 km to Golfo Aranci, 53 km to Santa Teresa Gallura

Number of inhabitants: 420 people

Public holidays and popular events

March: Port Cervo Wine Festival.

June: Port Cervo Food Festival, Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta.

July‒August: fashion shows, concerts of world-known bands.

August: shopping night in Porto Cervo.

September: cup of Maxi Yacht Rolex.

Market day: Thursday.

Shopping streets: square di Sotto, square Delle Chiacchiere, square Degli Archi, street La Passegiata.


Cala Di Volpe 5*

Romazzino 5*

Pitrizza 5*

Cervo Costa Smeralda 5*

Colonna Beach Resort 5*

Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu 5* (Poltu Quatu)

Colonna Pevero 5*

Le Palme 4*

Le Ginestre 4*

Petra Bianca 4*

Hotel Luci di la Muntagna 4*


Romazzino, Pevero, Cala Granu, Spiaggia del Principe, Capriccioli, Portisco, L’Arena Bianca, Liscia Ruia.

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