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Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is one of favorite vacation spots of Hollywood film stars, politicians and multibillionaires, as for premium comfort level here is perfectly combined with picturesque nature and cleanest beaches. It is located in north-eastern part of Sardinia in Marinell gulf, on the northern extremity of Monte Lada promontory.

The history of the town, which name means «round port», is very recent: it was founded in 1950s by noble Venetians Niccolo and Luigi dale Rose.

Rumor has it, Silvio Berluschoni himself, who has bought private villa Certosa, likes spending time on this resort. Other local «celebrities» do not lag behind the ex prime minister: designer Marta Marzotto, singer and songwriter Gigi D’Alessio, and also showrunners Gerry Scotti and Mike Bongiorno.

But mere mortals will also have what to do on this resort. Local yachtsman club, created in the mid of 1980s, organizes on summers such a captivating event as deep sea fishing. You can also visit San-Lorenzo cathedral, which has a semi-circular dome decorated with numerous stone and wood statues carved of Russian pine by sculptor Cerolli, depicting Biblical scenes, and also central square San-Marco and a granite open air amphitheater. San-Lorenzo church is connected with the square with 35 steps, which symbolize ascent to heaven.

The amateurs of trips on serene azure sea can travel to Tavolara island, which had been appreciated by professional divers long time ago. Appraise Sardinia’s amazing underwater world and its small coral reefs, sea anemones, sponges and bottle-nosed dolphins. And also there is a huge Pinna mollusk, two gigantesque valves of which remind of Neptune’s castle from fairy tales.

There are lots of boutiques, which offer clothes by Versace, Prada, Miu-Miu, Jimmy Choo, Givenchi and other world-known brands in Porto Rondo. There is a vibrant night life on the resort due to discos in elite clubs Black Moon and Turtle. Guests of the city hold in high regard restaurant Da Giovannino, which is as many years old, as the city itself is. The restaurant specializes in fish menu.

Basic facts

Province of: Olbia-Tempio

Geographic location: north-eastern coast of Sardinia, 13 km to Golfo Aranci, 17 km to Olbia, 27 km to Porto Cervo

Number of inhabitants: 1100 people

Public holidays and popular events

End of May – early June: yacht race Solaris Cap.

July: music festival of Porto-Rotondo.

July-August: tour of world-known music stars.

August: Luigi Colombo regatta Trofeo Challenge.

October: regatta Dei Legionari.

Market day: Thursday.

Shopping streets: squares Paguro, San-Marco, Casba, Deiana, street del Molo.


Hotel Sporting Porto Rotondo 5*

Marana Hotel Golfo di Marinella 4*

Abi D’Oru, Golfo Marinella 5*

Hotel Colonna San Marco 4*


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