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Santa Margherita Di Pula

Fascinating resort Santa Margherita di Pula seems walked off the pictures of famous Italian artists and mesmerizes everyone with its fabulously graceful outlines. Hear fresh sea air is filled with entrancing flavor of eucalyptus and laurel trees, myrtles and pines and intoxicating fragrance of flowers.

The resort is famous with its traditionally high monthly temperature averages, which attract here the amateurs of lukewarm sea and beach relaxation. Ancient land of Santa Margherita di Pula is bursting with secrets: ruins of Phoenician littoral settlement Nora, founded in VIII century B. C., ancient sanctuaries of deities Asclepius and Tanit, building of ancient theater (I century B. C.), where theatrical performances are still shown under the rays of setting sun, ancient Roman villas and Roman baths with mosaic decorations. On the territory of Nora in the summer festival «Poetry nights», where musicians, poets and actors demonstrate their talent, is regularly held.

When you get bored with sunbathing on the beach, you can visit a prestigious golf club Molas, on which courses take place elite competitions in this kind of sport. Riding grounds of a few schools of horse riding will be perfect both for beginners and experienced riders and will enable you enjoy the horse ride against the background of miraculous landscapes, where the sea touches sky on the horizon. For family vacation the best choice is adventure park «Parco Aventura» and water park «Bluefan», where children and their parents will have a great time, trying new attractions, going down the waterslides and acting him-or herself Tarzan while going bungee jumping and crossing suspension bridges.

Basic facts

Province of: Cagliari.

Geographic location: south-western part of Cagliari on the coast of gulf, which bears the same name, 37 km to Cagliari, 53 km to Porto Pino, 22 km to Domus de Maria.

Number of inhabitants: 6344 people.

Public holidays and popular events

May1‒4: holiday of Sant’Efisio (solemn procession leaves from Cagliari and ends in the Church of Saint Efisio in the city of Nora, which is situated in more than 30 kilometers of walking on foot).

June24: holiday of John the Baptist, accompanied by carnival parties, stage performances and dance shows on the streets of Santa Margherita di Pula.

August 6‒8: PulaArtifolk (festival of folk crafts, performances of folk theaters, horse shows, made by local inhabitants in traditional costumes).

August 15: holiday of Assumption of Virgin Mary.

August 21: festival of figs.


Forte Village Resort – Il Castello 5*

Forte Village Resort – Villa Del Parco & Spa 5*

Is Morus Relais – Hotel 4*

Is Molas 4*


Baia di Nora 4*


Nora, Santa Margherita Di Pula, Cala Verde, Stella Marina, Forte Village, Cistos, La Pineta.

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