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Val d'Isere

Val d’Isere is a place where hundreds of champion skiers honed their skills. It’s an ancient Savoyard town, located at the altitude of 1850 meters and attracts visitors from the whole world by its fascinating panoramic views.  Val d’Isère is one of the biggest and most luxurious resorts of Europe. Its summits give an excellent view of famous Montblanc. Hectares of land covered with virgin show, 73 trails of different levels of complexity, rocks looking as dungeons, a glacier make paradise for those who are mad about movement liberty and thrills.

It’s a place, which is equally perfect for family vacation and bustling companies of friends. There is a kinder garden on the resort, where you can leave your kids from 3 to 8 years, and children’s alpine skiing schools.

But Val d’Isere means not only skiing, but also restaurants, clubs, bowling, skating-rink, tennis, squash, a water park and lots of other attractions. You will not suffer from boredom there.

For downhill skiers

This resort is known for its panoramic and forest slopes. Val d’Isère has 45 kilometers of green trails, 54 kilometers of blue, 39 kilometers of red and 12 kilometers of black. Mountains reach 3650 meters of height, and 100 lifts will bring the tourists up onto the summits. By the way, you can also ski at night and in all weather conditions. There is always enough of snow due to snow guns, and illumination of trails ensures a possibility to ski after the sunset.

In Val d’Isere there also are trails for cross-country skiing, which have an overall length of 24 kilometers. There also are official areas for a freeride. Moreover there is snow-board park, where freestylers, both amateurs and professionals can train. If your personal or your children’s skiing or snowboarding skills are weak, take into consideration that Val d’Isère has one of the best schools of alpine skiing in Europe. Professional coaches will put on skis within but a few lessons.

Events/places to visit

Any time you can play golf, visit a museum, and ride a dog sled or a snowmobile.

One kilometer trail for sleigh also enjoys the tourists’ attention.

For guests of the resort work more than 100 stores, two cinemas and a large sport complex.

And thrill seekers will definitely appreciate an opportunity to take a course of hang gliding or paragliding. You can also take a class of alpinism and curling.