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Val Thorens

Val Thorens is the most highland resort of the Three Valleys. It is situated at the height of 2300 meters, and its summits reach 3200 meters. Val Thorens is a perfect place both for quiet rest along with your family and bustling sit-round gatherings with your friends. You will be charmed with the local color of this place.

Val Thorens had been created for skiers in particular, that’s why each of its detail has an optimal design. To illustrate, having descended from the slope you can get to your cabin without putting your ski off. But Val Thorens means not only money. These are also boisterous parties, dozens of restaurants and bars, fan-park, entertainment and SPA complexes. At this place you will not be bored during the day. And it will be certainly interesting to you to visit an underground dance-floor, which is located exactly above the main city square. Trust us, you will not find anything like this anywhere else.

It’s the best place for beginners to learn skiing and for professionals to strengthen their skills. A skiing school and experienced trainers will put you on skis fast and in this way you will be able to get a maximum pleasure from the French Alpes.

If this is not the first time you climb mountains, you enjoy extreme sports or you are a free rider, Val Thorens will also gladly welcome you. And this all is due to 80 ski trails of any level of complexity, you will have an excellent opportunity to test backcountries of Alps and even glaciers. For thrill seekers especially a cycle race on red line takes place.

Val Thorens has 16 kilometers of green ski routes, 39 kilometers of blue, 70 kilometers of red and 15 kilometers of black. There are 30 professional elevators to bring you atop the summits. 7 of them are chair-lifts, 6 are gondola lifts, 1 is pendulum lift and 16 are handle-tow lifts. The slopes have a steady coverage made of natural or natural snow.

Events/places to visit

  • November

    Season opening, for which famous ski and snowboard equipment brands offer free testing of their novelties.

  • December

    Trophée Andros, something more than car racing on the ice, it’s a true show, which attracts tourists from the whole Europe.

  • December-January

    Spectacular celebration of Christmas and New Year. These are fabulous shows, torchlight march, lots of music and presents.