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Villasimius is an amazing resort on the south-west of Sardinia. It is stretched from mountain range of Seven Brothers up to promontory Capo Carbonara.

Villasimius means beaches first of all. In particular, 32 kilometers of beaches, which are located along the highway which leads from the capital of Sardinia. Villasimius means purest sea, snow-white sand, majestic rocks, fragrances of Mediterranean herbs, flamingos pink, and also dozens of other species of birds, sea walks, scuba diving, horseback riding in the mountains. The resort’s infrastructure is modern and well-designed. You will not have to deny yourself comfort and conveniences. You can enjoy sea and rocks without solving domestic matters.

Villasimius has its own port near promontory Capo Carbonara. That’s why you may get to your vacation place by sea. There are many historical sites in Villasimius. Among them there are ancient nuraghes, old fortress, tower of port Junco, a lighthouse on Cavoli island, tower San Luigi. Culinary specialties of this part of Sardinia are worth special mention. These are almond cookies «amarettisardi» and tenderest cakes formagielle.

Flawless sea, amazing beaches, majestic mountains, diverse flora and fauna, historical monuments, well-developed infrastructure, various folk and musical fests make Villasimius one of the best place for vacation not only in Sardinia, but in the world also.

Basic facts

Province of: Cagliari

Geographic location: south-east of Sardinia, 48 km from Cagliari

Number of inhabitants: 2500

Public holidays and popular events

Mid-July: festival of La Madonna del Naufrago– Madonna, who patrons the drowned. It’s a beautiful and unusual holiday, which ends up with underwater divine service and laying of wreath on statue of Madonna. The statue is located at a depth of 15 meters in the sea. This statue of Madonna with Child was created by sculptor PinuccioSciola, and it was submerged with a solemn ceremony in 1979.

First week of September: festival Santa Maria.

October 24: Festival in honor of Saint Raphael the Archangel, Saint patron of Villasimius).


Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi 5*

Domu Simius Guest House

The Domu Simius Hotel

Pullman Timi Ama 5*, Villasimius

Tanka Village Golf&SPA 4*

Cormoran Hotel & Residence 4*

Calaserena Village 4*

Cala Caterina 4*


Simius, Porto Giunco, Spiaggia del Riso, Cala Caterina, Campus, Porto Sa Ruxi, Piscadeddus, Timi Ama, Punta Molentis, Cala Burroni.

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