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Ilenia Pianu
Sales manager, Group department
Favourite hotels

Favourite Experience: the day on the island Mal di Ventre, Peninsula Sinis

My family and I with our friends decided to go and visit this wonderful uninhabited island. At dawn, we board an old fishing boat and after an hour, we plunge into the crystal clean waters, so clean that we can clearly see the seabed. There is no one tree on the island, but only typical Mediterranean shrubs. We go to find dens of common rabbits and other animals that live only on this island. Packed Lunches and then plunging over and over because the crystal water beckons me very much. I promised to come back.

Favourite place

There would be many favorite places, but my heart always beat a little harder when I arrive in Bosa, because it was here that I spent the first summer with my family. The Old Bosa invites you to discover its narrow streets among multicolored houses, from which comes the smell of culinary sauce or the typical smell of houses. These houses full of flash jewelries and mostly inhabited by old smiling women who are ready to welcome you at any time. In addition, there is a Bosa Marina with a beautiful public beach, full of families with their children. You can get to beautiful bays, unknown to many people, just in few minutes away by car. There are lots of kiosks and restaurants where you can enjoy the minnows accompanied by a good glass of Muscat, admiring the sea. This small town is beautiful both summer and winter, and even when it rains – it’s wonderful here!