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Rent of jets and helicopters
In the shortest possible terms our employees can arrange a private flight or a corporate chartered flight to any part of the world.

Time is a priceless resource. As for Sardinia occupies an area of 24,090 square kilometers, travelling across its territory takes a lot of time. But we can make the time spent en route as short as possible. We can offer you such VIP-service as renting a private jet or a helicopter.

The most significant advantages of this mode of transportation are:

  • choosing convenient airport for departure and arrival
  • choosing a suitable time for private jet’s departure
  • you can order your favorite food or drinks delivered from any local café or restaurant on the board
  • round the clock communication with your personal assistant, who can help you solving most of the problems
  • private jet flight organized for a group of travelers is considerably cheaper than tickets in first or business class
  • access to a huge base of jets and helicopters provided by companies with good reputation and conclusion of exclusive agreements with owners of private jets
  • guaranty of providing regular technical inspection and seasonable repairs of the jets, what grants complete safety while flight

Do you want to take a rest on the sunny beaches of Chia or transfer to fashionable resort of Porto Rotondo on the other end of Sardinia just one hour after your jet lands in the airport of Cagliari? Helicopter taxi, which connects airports of Olbia and Cagliari with any city on the island, and helicopter transfers between the main local cities and resorts, are at your service.

Contact us and we will choose time and route for a fascinating plane journey as soon as possible!