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Marriages are made in heaven

Where granite rocks and sand dunes looking those from Sahara end, starts the beach of Chia, one of Sardinia’s best beaches. Shallow-water lagoons, transparent blue color of water and salty air, filled with fragrances of juniper – this all is Chia.

This place simply breathes romantics, here everything disposes to love, tenderness, confidence and admiration. For gala dinner and wedding night we offer hotel FARO CAPO-SPARTIVENTO, located in the old lighthouse, it is full of poetry and rich history. A wedding here will exceed your expectations!

Imagine yourself a holiday dinner served against a panorama of the rocks, where eastern and southern shore meet, imagine the sun sinking gradually into the sea and setting the whole shore on red and orange fires. Flames of the candles lit on the table and gleaming of the Lighthouse will make an atmosphere unusually romantic and mysterious. This light, so safe and home-like, will also serve a lighthouse for your love. It’s a perfect venue for a wedding. For you we have prepared prime service and our chef’s exquisite menu. Faro capo – spartivento FARO CAPO-SPARTIVENTO is a door between heaven and Earth, a place, where the sea and rocks meet, and events acquire their true meaning.